InMed Radiation Safety Course for DEXA & pQCT

Course Information

InMed Radiation Safety Course and Training Certificate for DEXA & pQCT

Course Pre-requisites

This course will cover all necessary radiation safety requirements for dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) operation and licensing, given the applicant possesses the following:

  • Relevant health based science degree level qualification (contact us for further information as requirements between states vary)
  • Professional knowledge of human anatomy
  • Occupational interest in bone densitometry and body composition analysis

Course Syllabus

  • Radiation types
  • Medical applications
  • X-Ray production, interaction & attenuation
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Radiation detection
  • Units of measure
  • Dosage types
  • DEXA beam types
  • Calibration & quality control
  • Safe dosage information
  • Radiation scatter
  • Operator responsibilities
  • State specific statutory requirements
  • Machine specific operating procedures
    • Patient positioning
    • Scanning
    • Analysis
    • Reporting
  • Actions on malfunction
  • BMD reporting procedures

Course Delivery

The InMed Radiation Safety Course and Training Certificate for DEXA & pQCT can be undertaken from the Sydney based InMed headquarters or by appointment at a location of choice dependant on participant volume. The course runs for approximately 4-6 hours and includes a 40 question examination requiring an 80% pass mark in order to be issued with a certificate of completion. Practical competency is assessed by having participants submit a series of DEXA scans to InMed for evaluation consisting of:

  • 10 x spine scans
  • 10 x hip scans
  • 5 x forearm scans
  • 3 x whole body scans
  • 1 x lateral vertebral assessment

Once successfully evaluated for practical competency, participants will be issued with an advanced certificate of completion.

Contact us to find out more about the InMed Radiation Safety Course and Training Certificate for DEXA & pQCT.

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