Regius Model 110 - Konica Minolta


Regius Model 110

Regius Model 110 - Konica Minolta

The Regius Model 110 is a high performance single bay CR system that can process up to 76 plates per hour (14x17"). A touch screen control station provides intuitive software tools for easy operation. Compact size and space saving design are the Regius Model 110's main features.
Powerful Processing Performance
The smallest, top-of-the-line Regius Model 110 delivers a processing performance of 76 sheets/hour, achieving a high-speed processing cycle of 47 seconds/plate.
Space Saving Compact Design
The Regius Model 110 features an astonishingly compact design with the smallest depth of 365mm.
Versatile Cassette
The Regius Model 110 allows for easy operation with the simple installation of an exposed cassette. The height of the cassette slot is 710mm.
Flexible Placement Options
The two way setting option allows selection of two patterns of layout depending on the facilities space limitations.

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