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AeroRAD - Konica Minolta

The AeroRAD diagnostic system is user-friendly designed, ensures quicker workflow and when combined with the AeroDR® wireless FPD, provides completely free panel handling. The x-ray tube stand has multiple configurations and can be either floor mounted, floor-ceiling mounted or ceiling suspended, minimising the positioning time. The unit also includes a wall bucky-stand.

The panel tray can be rotated 90 degrees, and the FPD can be easily removed from the tray and used for out of bucky exposures. There are two table models to choose from — stationary height four-way or the elevating four-way table. The x-ray controller and AeroDR® are linked to the CS-7 console, featuring intuitive user interface that provides complete workflow control. The CS-7 console will display a preview in less than three seconds, after an exposure.
AeroRAD System Lineup
The AeroRAD system is designed to perform general purpose radiographic exposure of all different body parts and provides comprehensive solution benefiting both patients and medical staff.
Key Features
  • Panel tray can be turned in 90 degrees direction
  • Panel can be removed from the tray and used on the unit table
  • X-ray console can link up exposure settings with CS-7 console
  • Generator output line-up at 32kW, 40kW, 52kW, 68kW and 82kW
  • Fitted with AeroDR® Flat Panel Detector
  • Capacitor assisted and mounted with an internal uninterruptible power supply (UPS) generators for areas with unstable power supply 
What is the AeroDR® Portable Retrofit Unit?
This unit with a very small footprint (384x384x72mm) is designed to quickly, easily and inexpensively turn your current portable x-ray unit into a digital wireless solution. It is small enough to be installed and stored inside the cassette storage bin. It is completely self contained and includes two long life batteries for self powering operation.
Control Station CS -7 Portable
The CS -7 portable control station features the same powerful yet easy to use imaging software environment as found on the CS -7 control station used in general radiography rooms. This common user interface delivers a familiar tool that ensures the same outstanding image quality and usability regardless of imaging application. Image preview is delivered in approximately 3 seconds and can be viewed prior to leaving the patient’s side. The CS -7 portable controller can be mounted onto a supported portable unit using the supplied custom mounting hardware.

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