Optility™ Management Software


Optility™ Management Software

Mirion Technologies

Optility™ is a state of the art Nuclear Medicine Management Software package available in three versions: NMM for Nuclear Medicine imaging facilities that dose patients and perform studies, CPM for commercial pharmacies that dispense prescriptions, and NPM for facilities that perform both operations. It keeps track of all patients, procedures, drugs, inventory and health physics function with the touch of a few keys.

It allows you to print predefined reports or export the data to excel spreadsheets or XML formats, and to create your own custom reports.
Don’t lose the data you’ve been acquiring for years within the Nuclear Medicine Manager®, Commercial Pharmacy Manager®, or Nuclear Pharmacy Manager®!

With Optility™ you can convert all of your information: drugs, procedure settings, health physics configurations, referring physicians current and historical patient data for immediate use within the program.

• Interface with Capintec’s full line of Dose Calibrators
• HL-7 (HIS) Interface
• DICOM (RIS) Interface
• Bar Coded Inventory
• On Line Ordering Functions
• Intuitive User-Friendly Screen Flow
• Health Physics Services
• Highly Customizable Labels and Reports
• HIPPA Compliant with Multiple Security Levels
• Flexible Customer Support Options

Optility™ is Available in Three Forms:
• Optility™ NMM- For Hospitals and Clinics that dose patients and perform studies.
• Optility™ CPM- For Radiopharmacies that dispense nuclear or P.E.T. prescriptions.
• Optility™ NPM- For Institutions, such as large universities, that perform studies and dispense prescriptions.

• HL 7 Import and Export Functions
• DICOM Import and Export Functions
• On Line Ordering via Web Supports Alternate Management Systems
• Export data to Excel or.xlm Formats
• Multiple Security Levels Assure Full Confidentiality of all Data
• On Line Software Training

Nuclear Medicine Functions:
• Tracks Doses from Orders to Disposition
• Maintains Patient Dose and Exam Records
• Flexible Patient Scheduling Options
• Full Health Physics Compliance
• User Definable Trigger and Notification Levels
• Statistics for Patient Data and Procedures
• Daily Task Log with Action Reminder

Pharmacy Functions:
• Tracks and Manages Receiving, Inventory, Components, Kits, and Waste Functions
• Full Traceability from Generator to Unit Dose
• Maintains Batch or Lot Records
• Checks License Limits against Orders
• Business Module includes Invoicing and Financial Reporting
• Analytics to Monitor Productivity and Identify Customer Trends

• Support Knowledge
• Data Imports into Optility
• Data Exports out from Optility
• Optility™ Training
• HIS (HL7) Interface Configuration
• RIS (DICOM) Interface Configuration
• Data migration
• Customization (Labels/Reports)
• Requirements & Analysis
• Software Configuration/enhancement/feature

• 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
• Client Server Application
• SQL Server 2017 Express Edition

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