CRC-77THR Dose Calibrator - Capintec


CRC 77THR Dose Calibrator

CRC-77THR Dose Calibrator - Capintec

The CRC®-77tHR’s performance and reliability have been designed to meet the unique and demanding needs of the high-activity isotope manufacturing and radiopharmaceutical production environments.

The software is designed for rapid repeatable measurement functions often required in production, and includes a fully automated Quality Assurance Program.

Hardware is carefully designed to minimize the impact of high radiation fields upon electronics. A touch screen user interface provides a user friendly and efficient workflow.

Some features include a high activity range of over 400 Curies for Tc-99m, USB/PC Communications, and pre-defined communication protocols for fast and easy system interface.

Capintec offers a full line of related products to safely use the CRC-77tHR within your hot cell or hood environment.
  • Maximum Activity for 77tHR is 400 Curies (15 TBq)
  • Radiation resistant design
  • Custom length liners and dippers available to match your hot cell dimensional requirements
  • 8” color VGA touch screen display
  • On screen display of Nuclide Name, Number, Activity, Unit of Measure and Calibration Number
  • Large character, high visibility display
  • Over 80 Nuclides with half-lives in memory
  • Full alpha numeric touchpad
  • Built-in dose calibration, quality control and self-diagnostics
  • Automated QC including constancy and linearity programs
  • Compatible with Nuclear Medicine Management Systems via USB
  • Optional printer for full size hard copy records
  • USB/PC Communications
  • Software upgrade via USB or Flash Drive
  • USB printer capability
  • Automated Geometry and Linearity Testing

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