CRC-25PET Dose Calibrator - Capintec


CRC 25PET Dose Calibrator

CRC-25PET Dose Calibrator - Capintec

The Capintec CRC®-25PET Dose Calibrator meets the demands of your Nuclear Medicine/PET Department with a host of features for optimized usage; including USB capabilities, SD flash cards for software upgrades, chamber plug-and-play, ability to add a second PET chamber, and more.

Reduced chamber pressure and increased bias voltage increases the maximum activity range for high energy PET isotopes.  Innovative designs, proven performance and the most comprehensive technical service and support system available is what you’d expect from the leader in dose calibrator design and development. 
  • Bidirectional USB and RS232 ports
  • SD flash card software upgrade
  • USB printer capability
  • Chamber plug-and-play capability
  • On-screen display of Nuclide, Activity, Unit of Measure and Calibration Number
  • Large character, high visibility display with automatic backlighting
  • Automatic zero and background subtraction
  • Built-in dose calibration, quality control and self-diagnostics
  • Maximum activity: 20 Ci of F-18
  • Compatible with Nuclear Medicine Management Systems via USB
  • Optional printer for regulatory records and patient labels for syringes and vials
  • Over 80 nuclide symbols and half-lives in memory
  • Standard 2 year warranty

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