Corvial Recumbent cpet- Lode


Corvial Recumbent

Corvial Recumbent cpet- Lode

The latest design of the Corival Recumbent ergometer offers ergometry testing for test subjects up to 275 kg! Easy positioning and access is guaranteed by the electric adjustable seat and adjustable handgrips next to the seat. Moreover, the back support can be adjusted. For safety reasons, the back support can be positioned flat in CPR position in 1 step. This ergometer can be used for elderly and obese people and in rehabilitation settings.
The Corival Recumbent is a special product from our Corival range. The Corival is one of the most popular ergometers worldwide. The low start-up load of 7 Watt is unique. The Corival can be controlled easily by all known stress ECG and pulmonary devices in the world. The ergometer has an eddy current electro-magnetic braking mechanism. The biggest advantage of this system is the accuracy which is one of the most important Lode principles. With this ergometer, the stress tests performed are reliable and reproducible. The workload is adjustable in a range of 7 to 1000 watt. Moreover, the noise level is reduced to a minimum.
Reliable and reproducible stress tests
The experience of professionals who calibrate many ergometers showed that the Lode ergometers are the most reliable across the complete workload and rpm range and still within specifications even after many years of intensive use.
Maximum patient weight 275 kg
Patients of up to 275 kg body weight can be tested on this ergometer
Electric adjustable seat positioning
The seat of the ergometer can be adjusted electrically.
Adjustable back support with flat CPR position
The back support can be adjusted in order to guarantee the most comfort position for each individual test subject. In case of emergency, the back support can be adjusted to a flat CPR position in 1 action.
Suitable for all body postures
This ergometer is designed to offer comfort ergometry testing for test subject of all body postures.

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