Cardio Coach VO2 Max App - Korr


Cardio Coach VO2 Max App - Korr

The CardioCoach VO2 Max App by KORR allows a professional to upload an individual's VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) results to an app that will allow each client to view those results in the context of workout zones, goals, and energy balance.
Consider the advantages this app can offer you and your client:
CardioCoach App Dashboard
Increase Business
Potential clients who download the app will be directed to KORR certified test facilities to obtain a VO2 Max test.
Real-time Feedback
The app shows minutes spent aerobic versus minutes anaerobic, and the actual number of calories burned during a workout and post-workout (EPOC).  For CO2 users, it shows what fuel source (fats versus carbs) are being used in real time.
With a touch of a button, your client can send you an email at the completion of a workout.
Personal Application of Results
Clients can be guided through their workouts utilising voice coaching to keep them in their customised zones.
Sync with Calorie Counting Apps
The CardioCoach app automatically syncs data with most calorie counting apps (those that sync to iHealth).  If clients are tracking intake, calories IN can seamlessly be compared to calories BURNED.  Additionally, CardioCoach accommodates a Quick Add of calories directly to the app.
KORR provides professionally designed workouts for Weight-loss, Endurance, and Cardio-Strengthening.  If you desire to create a custom workout, it's as easy as a touch of a button.

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