Cardio Coach - Korr


Cardio Coach - Korr

Complete Fitness Test Includes:
  • VO2 Max and Sub Max
  • AT, AeT, Peak VO2 
  • Precise Target Heart Rates
  • Calories Burned During Exercise
The CardioCoach delivers simple and accurate fitness testing based on oxygen consumption. This data can be used the foundation for customised exercise programs that truly meet the needs of the individual. It is so simple to use that any of your current employees can perform a VO2 Max test. It is affordable, allowing even small gyms, personal trainers and educators to own state of the art VO2  Max test equipment. 
Why Choose CardioCoach?
Mixing chamber Technology
A mixing chamber is considered the "Gold Standard" for VO2  Max measurements. In the past, this system has been complicated and expensive, making it only practical to train professional athletes and for use in research departments.  KORR advancements in technology make this equipment feasible for gym owners and trainers at any level of expertise to own.
Self Calibrating
Adjustments for barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity are key to an accurate VO2 measurement.  The CardioCoach measures these parameters during each routine calibration cycle, then automatically compensates to standard (STPD) conditions.
The CardioCoach has a simple user interface that assists the operator from start to finish.  No training or certification is necessary.
CardioCoach software is available to provide your clients with workouts at no additional cost to them.  Pre-loaded plans will apply your client’s test results to workouts designed to meet particular goals such as training for a race, cycling, or weight loss.  The software will also guide trainers through designing customised workouts
No Contracts
KORR does not lock customers into ongoing service contracts.

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