Protective Eyeware Information and Guides


Protective Eyeware Information and Guides

Protective Eyeware Information and Guides

Phillips Safety Glasses
Unsurpassed protection and optical clarity
The eyes are the most sensitive area of the body to radiation, and are susceptible to damage by exposure during X-ray procedures and work around any type of imaging equipment, risking the development of lens opacities and cataracts. Protective clothing and devices are your first defence against radiation exposure.
InMed Healthcare partner with Phillips Safety Products
InMed Healthcare is pleased to now offer the Phillips Safety range of high-index prescription radiation safety glasses. Phillips protection eyewear is made to the highest standards with durable safety frames, and features innovative leaded glass lenses manufactured by Schott AG, world leader in speciality glass.
Our prescription leaded glass lenses contain over 70% ultra-refined lead oxide weight, and come standard with 0.75 Pb lead equivalency, providing unsurpassed protection against x-ray radiation. Our high-index lenses have a refractive index of 1.8, ensuring they are thinner and lighter than conventional glass or plastic lenses.
Exposure and the eyes
The use of leaded safety glasses is encouraged when working with analytical x-rays encountered in the hospital, clinic, research facility or laboratory by technicians, doctors and medical professionals where there is the possibility of exposure to radiation.
Frame choices
Choose from our range of plastic and metal frames, chosen for their durability, comfort and style, or contact us to discuss the suitability of bringing your own frames for fitting with our lens. We also have glasses available to fit over your existing prescription glasses.
Faster turnaround times for leaded prescriptions
Phillips Safety Products prescription lenses are normally dispatched within a week of the order being placed, ensuring you won’t be waiting long for your new glasses.
Manufactured to the Highest Standards
Phillips Safety Products committed to providing safety prescription eyewear that complies with Australian Standards.
Certified single, lined and progressive bifocal lens
As a manufacturer of certified prescription safety eyewear, Phillips Safety Products manufactures certified Trilogy and Polycarbonate lens materials across single vision lens, bifocal lens with a laminated hardened crown glass front.
Protection from harmful radiation
Phillips Safety Products prescription leaded glass lenses contain over 70% ultra-refined lead oxide weight, and come standard with 0.75 Pb equivalency, providing unsurpassed protection against x-ray radiation. They provide up to 20% more light transmission than any other leaded glass lenses for the highest optical clarity.
Thoroughly tested to Aus/NZ Standards
Phillips Safety Products has all the necessary testing machinery to enable spectacle analysis to AS/NZS1337.6 and AS/NZS1337 inhouse.

On-site impact testing equipment includes ballistics tester, penetration tester and drop ball tester. All testing equipment is maintained within calibration intervals and is calibrated by NATA registered organisations.
Choose from our range or bring your own frames
We offer a great range of frames which have been specially selected for strength, durability, eye coverage and size, allowing a wide range of scripts and pupillary distances.

Choose from our great range of frames or bring your own!

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