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Ergoselect 200

Ergoselect 200 - Ergoline

The Ergoline Ergoselect 200 is a high-end ergometer that will impress you with its unrivalled modular upgradability. It covers all your needs from a powerful ergometer for exercise ECGs and assessment of physical performance to a stand-alone system for pulse-controlled training sessions.
Integrating a whole range of different modules, the Ergoselect 200 offers you an outstanding degree of flexibility in configuring ergometers for your special requirements.
Designed for patient comfort
With these ergometers, the seat height can be electrically adjusted. This allows even elderly patients or people with lower extremity impairment to mount the ergometer without any problems.

By means of the dual adjustment capability for the handlebar (height and angle) the ideal position of the upper body and the angle that the legs form with the cranks can always be optimally adjusted.

Special add-ons, such as saddle adjustment and variable cranks, allow the ergometer to be used for testing the physical performance of athletes and for paediatric exercise tests.
Practice oriented
The digital interface (RS232, USB) for communication with all commercially available ECG recorders and PC-based ECG systems enables fully automatic exercise tests.

When used as a stand-alone unit, users can configure up to 10 additional exercise protocols which add to the 5 standard programs.

The rugged mechanical construction guarantees outstanding safety and trouble-free operation, even when the ergometer is permanently in use.
All Ergoline ergometers are produced with only high quality components and, of course, satisfy all applicable standards and requirements for medical grade crank ergometers.

A network of authorised, Ergoline-trained service engineers is available in your country for repairs or other service interventions (such as inspections of
the measuring system).
Key Features
  • Motorised vertical saddle adjustment
  • Comes with an adjustable handlebar (height/angle) and adjustable crank arms
  • Ergometer covers in different colours
  • Digital chest belt for heart rate measurement
  • Training chip card
  • Can handle patients weighing up to 200kg
  • 12 month warranty

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