MagIQ 142 - Leeds Test Objects


MagIQ 142

MagIQ 142 - Leeds Test Objects

The MagIQ 142 MRI Phantom is an image quality phantom for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) comprising a main chamber and four ‘test tubes’ which may be filled with different solutions to create a total of 5 separate signal compartments.
MagIQ 142 is supplied with 3.5 litres each of 1.5T and 3.0T MRI Solutions as standard.
MagIQ 142 includes the following features:
  • White pigment-filled centre markings
  • External LCD temperature strip
  • Geometric distortion (an array of uniformly pitched, high contrast 3.0mm dia. circles)
  • Spatial resolution Lp/mm
  • MTF edge block
  • Contrast resolution and fat suppression using 4 user defined ‘test tubes’
  • SNR/Ghosting/Uniformity
  • Slice profile wedges or ‘virtual plates’ can be used for slice profile measurements
External dimensions: 142mm diameter and 75mm deep
Conforms to standards:
IEC 62464-1:2007

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