M040GSE-078 & M054GS-078 UltraIQ - CIRS



M040GSE-078 & M054GS-078 UltraIQ - CIRS

Ultrasound quality assurance ensures system performance over time and catches degradation in image quality before it affects the diagnostic value of the clinical ultrasound exam. Yet, establishing a QA program can be time consuming and cumbersome. Worse, many system parameters must be subjectively measured, resulting in a high degree of inter-observer variability.

UltraiQ solves these problems with easy-to-use software that can be purchased with either the CIRS Model 040GSE or Model 054GS. It objectively measures ultrasound image QA parameters and provides faster, more accurate assessments. UltraiQ quantitatively and automatically evaluates dynamic range, axial resolution, lateral resolution, caliper distance, dead zone, and depth of penetration.

UltraiQ Software can be used with any ultrasound system. Customizable reporting and trending functions make it easy to monitor system performance over time. The intuitive user interface provides guidance for making measurements. After the initial set-up, subsequent measurements can be automatically performed within minutes.

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