TMX-428/TMX-428CP - Trackmaster Treadmills


TMX 428

TMX-428/TMX-428CP - Trackmaster Treadmills

The Trackmaster® TMX428 heavy-duty, medical treadmills is specifically designed to be interfaced with and controlled by a wide variety of Cardiac and Pulmonary Stress Testing Systems. With more user-preferred features than other stress testing treadmills, the Trackmaster® has a proven and dependable design.
The TMX428 is self-calibrating, virtually maintenance-free and has been designed around the safety and comfort of the patient. Its safety features include a low profile deck, incredibly smooth belt operation and an easy-to-reach emergency stop switch.

The large cushioned running deck absorbs impact while providing plenty of room to run or walk, and ergonomically designed handrails provide patient confidence.

Available manual and fully programmable rail-mounted controllers are simple and intuitive, allowing the treadmill to be used independently from the stress system.
Optional TMX428CP Programmable Controller
For those applications requiring occasional independent control of the treadmill (not using the stress testing computer), the TMX428CP is the ideal choice with an easy to use, programmable controller that can be operated in manual mode.

The TMX428CP can be operated in diagnostic mode (interfaced with a stress computer) or non-interfaced, independent mode. When the interface is active, only the emergency stop buttons on the controller are enabled. Once the computer program is closed, the controller reverts to full functionality.

The controller can be operated manually and also has 5 pre-programmed stress protocols (Bruce, Gerkin, Naughton, Balke- M, Balke-F) and 5 preprogrammed
fitness workouts. Additionally, there are 5 user defined, custom programs with 10 stages

In manual mode, the large, bright display shows Speed, Pace, Elapsed Time, Elevation, Distance, Calories, METS, Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate (user defined). Calculations are determined by ACSM formulas based on user weight, age and gender.

In pre-programmed or user programmable mode, the display will prompt the user to enter required data and will graphically display progress in the mode selected. If fitness or user defined modes are selected, elevation and speed can be adjusted when in use; the stress protocols cannot be adjusted.
MasterTrack® Belt Alignment system
Trackmaster’s 56 cm running belt is the widest in the industry, which provides confidence to the user.

MasterTrack® is a patented v-guide on the underside of the running belt, which matches grooves in the running deck and rollers. This prevents any lateral movement of the belt and eliminates belt alignment issues. In addition, the deck is mounted on shock absorbing isolators to minimise impact stress.
Key Features
With more user-preferred features than other stress testing treadmills, the Trackmaster® has a proven and dependable design including:
  • Smooth, quiet, zero-start , 4 HP (6 HP peak) hi-torque drive
  • Smooth, quiet linear actuator elevation system
  • Low-to-the floor, cushioned deck for patient comfort and safety
  • Large 56 cm x 160 cm running belt and safety handrails
  • Patented MasterTrack® belt alignment system eliminates off-centre running belts
  • Exceptionally accurate, self-calibrating speed and elevation
  • Prominent emergency stop button and patient safety tether
  • Minimum maintenance
  • 12 month warranty

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