Gammex Mammo 156 Phantom


Gammex Mammo 156 Phantom

Gammex Mammo 156 Phantom

When the U.S. mandated mammography QA requirements via the the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA), medical physicists, the ACR and the FDA worked with Gammex to design what is known today as the Mammo 156 Phantom.

The Mammo 156 Phantom helped establish the mammography repeatability and reproducibility standard. With this resource, any technologist (radiographer) on any machine can provide the same image set to help detect breast cancer.

The phantom mimics breast tissue. It is a feedback mechanism that provides a framework for constant improvement in early detection and mortality reduction.
Imbedded objects mimic breast diseases, micro calcifications, fibrous structures and tumor masses.
Evaluate Image Quality
The Mammo 156 Phantom, by design, contains test objects that are both visible on any system and difficult to see on the best mammographic systems.
The Mammo 156™ Phantom for Accreditation 
  • Provides quick detection of objects from 0.16 to 2.0 mm
  • First MQSA-approved mammography phantom

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