M240 Specimen Imaging & Transport Container - CIRS


Specimen Imaging & Transport Container

M240 Specimen Imaging & Transport Container - CIRS

GRID-VIEW® was developed specifically to address inadequacies in the post operative handling of surgical breast biopsy specimens and multiple core biopsy specimens.

It’s unique design and radio-opaque grid provide an efficient system for imaging, transporting and identifying breast biopsies. The clamshell design, for example, was chosen to accomodate larger specimens without compromising performance or convenience. GRIDVIEW® will contain specimen fluids.

GRID-VIEW® are available in three grid patterns and can be purchased as a carton of 12 units, or as a case of 12 cartons (144 units). 
  • Reduces surgery time through improved imaging turn-around
  • Improves communication between surgery, radiology and pathology
  • Eliminates physical handling of specimens in radiology
  • Eliminates the need for needles or wires
  • Reduces risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens

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