Fluoro 4 & Fluoro 4-L - Leeds Test Objects


Fluoro 4 & Fluoro 4 L

Fluoro 4 & Fluoro 4-L - Leeds Test Objects

FLUORO-4 features the following test details:
  • Tube axis direction markings
  • Limiting spatial resolution (0.6 − 5.0 LP/mm)
  • Low contrast resolution details (8 x 10mm diameter details, depths 0.4 − 4.0 mm)
  • Dynamic range (17 different thickness Cu steps each with a central 4.0mm diameter detail, depth 2.5 mm)
  • kV test-area (Yb 0.78mm)
  • Unstructured inner area (centre-marked)
  • Radiopaque numbers indicating dynamic range steps
  • FLUORO-4 should be used with either PMMA/Cu or Al attenuator plates (available separately).
  • The phantom is supplied in a soft protective carry bag.
Available in 2 Sizes:
  • FLUORO-4 (200x200mm)
  • FLUORO-4-L (300x300mm)
Conforms to standards:
DIN 6868-4
DIN 6868-150

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