Holter Monitoring DigiTrak XT Holter System



Holter Monitoring DigiTrak XT Holter System

Philips Holter Monitoring System is designed to simplify life for you and your patients. It provides all the tools you need to record, analyse and diagnose ECG data quickly, accurately and confidently. And all this comes with the backing of Philips Healthcare, the company you can trust to deliver and support visionary solutions for cardiology.

Zymed Analysis Software Philips Holter Monitoring System can scale to meet your needs, no matter how large or small.

The Zymed analysis software includes a wide range of powerful tools, yet it streamlines your basic workflow to just three steps: 

  1. Download ECG files in less than 90 seconds.
  2. Scan in minutes using any of four distinct styles, all powered by the exclusive Zymed algorithm.
  3. Create accurate, customised reports and store them in your preferred EMR, HIS or TraceMasterVue system or export to HL7.

Advanced capabilities include:

  • Heart rate variability with both time and frequency domain analysis
  • 3-channel, 12-lead ST segment analysis with 3D graphics that provide multiple views of the heart
  • Accurate QT interval analysis with options for uncorrected QT interval analysis or correction by all the industry-standard correction algorithms
  • ADT Capabilities Clinicians Choose workflow simplification, seamless connectivity and clinical accuracy for cardiology and electrophysiology
  • Ensure patient compliance with the slim, lightweight DigiTrak XT recorder
  • Configure 24-hr to 7-day recordings to meet every patient's need
  • Review ECGs in the familiar 12-lead format using EASI lead system
  • Review, edit and export reports from anywhere
  • Safely email results with encrypted reports Technicians Ensure noise-free hook-up every time quickly and easily
  • Get proven artifact reduction with EASI lead placement and large display with onscreen lead map indicator
  • Download ECG files fast, typically in less than 90 seconds
  • Personalise your software with your preferred viewing and editing settings
  • Get superior scan quality with the fast, flexible and proven Zymed Smart Tools
  • Create, edit and export customised reports Administrators Increase your productivity and manage your Holter services more cost-effectively with the power of the Zymed algorithm
  • Go paperless with export options to an EMR, HIS and TraceMasterVue
  • Grow your operations with Philips Link Network
  • Simplify QA with Zymed Smart Tools and audit logs
  • Protect your investment with the 2 year warranty on the DigiTrak XT
  • Ensure patient data security with nonremovable memory, data encryption and secure data transfer Key Features
  • Data is transferred from the recorder using a simple USB cable
  • Records 24 hours on a single AAA battery (24 > 7day)
  • Non-removable memory prevents accidental data loss and enhances data security
  • Enhanced water resistance to protect your investment
  • Lightest weight monitor, excellent for all patients especially paediatric patients
  • Swivel belt clip and pouch for easy wearability 
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