TC50 - Philips PageWriter



TC50 - Philips PageWriter

You need to fit a lot into every day. That's why we've fit a lot into the Philips PageWriter TC50 cardiograph. It's an affordable and compact solution, packed with advances to make it easier to help you meet the demands you face every day. Easy to use, it also has the reliability, workflow performance, and clinical support tools to enable you to simply focus on your patients.

  • Intuitive and efficient The Philips PageWriter TC50 cardiograph is easy to use from the start.World-class Philips DXL 16 Lead ECG algorithm
  • Quickly and intuitively attach patient lead wires using the anatomically designed patient interface module
  • Easily identify poor or missing electrode connections through colour-coded lead traces and lead map
  • Efficiently review the full ECG report on the large 10
  • touchscreen before printing to save time and paper
  • Ability to connect either 12 or 16 Lead ECG system Automatically streamlined

The PageWriter TC50 cardiograph gives you high-level features in a compact package with an attractive, large touchscreen. As your workflow needs evolve, you'll find the system is scalable to grow with you, protecting your investment. Compatibility with industry-standard 802.11 wireless protocols enables secure wireless communication to quickly download patient information and send reports to your ECG management system.

Clinical insight Clinical decision support means the right information at the right time presented with clarity to help guide the most productive course of action. The Philips DXL 16-Lead ECG Algorithm provides industry leading ECG interpretations, particularly with respect to paediatric analysis, pacemaker pulse detection, QT measurements, and a suite of advanced STEMI decision support tools to help guide the treatment of patients with chest pain.

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