Radioisotope Identifier PM1410 - Polimaster


Radioisotope Identifier PM1410

Radioisotope Identifier PM1410 - Polimaster

The PM1410 Radioisotope Identifier is a universal and multifunctional portable device of the expert level designed for search, detection, localization and identification of radionuclide compositions.

By containing three different built-in detectors including a highly sensitive NaI spectroscopic detector for gamma radiation, GM tube for high dose rate and optional neutron detector this device is the perferct selection for expert detection.

This unit has the possibility of connecting to external detection units for alpha and beta, allowing it therefore to be able to search and measure the flux density of such sources.

It has built in GPS module which can be integrated into the Polimaster Nuclear Protection Network with wireless and wired radiological data transfer.  
POLPM1410 - has highly sensitive He-3 neutron detector
POLPM1410A - has medium sensitive He-3 neutrol detector
POLPM1410P - has medium sensitive LiI(Eu) neutron detector
POLPM1410M - has no Neutron detector    

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