Survey Meter PM1405 - Polimaster


Survey Meter PM1405

Survey Meter PM1405 - Polimaster

The Polimaster model ??1405 is a compact multifunction survey meter, capable of measuring X-ray, gamma and beta radiation.

The PM1405 is designed for the wide range of radiation safety applications and may be successfully used by radiation control services personnel, first responders, employees of security service and customs, as well as personnel whose work includes solving problems of local gamma and beta radiation sources detection or single objects contaminated by gamma and/or beta radiation sources.
?- and x-ray radiation dose rate
measurement range: 0.1μSv/h - 100mSv/h
B-flux density measurement range:
10 - 103 min-1cm2
Energy range: 0.05 - 3.0MeV
Operating temperature: -10 up to +50°C

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