AT2503 Series Personal Dosimeters - Atomtex


AT2503 Series Personal Dosimeters

AT2503 Series Personal Dosimeters - Atomtex

The AT2503 is an easy to operate, pocketsized microprocessor instrument with high accuracy and reliability.

When connected to a PC, the reader can be a part of an efficient automatic system for monitoring staff radiation exposure.
  • Simultaneous measuring of Hp(10) individual dose equivalent and Hp(10) individual dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation
  • Autocompensation of intrinsic detector background
  • Resistance to impacts and vibration, dust-and-moisture-proof, tolerance to electromagnetic interference
  • Constant detector self-check and battery level monitoring
  • Sound and LED alarm
  • Alarm mode for pulsed X-radiation detection with pulse length 10 ns and more (option)
  • Can be integrated into a system or used separately
  • Low weight and small size
  • Calibrated with water phantom ISO 30x30x15 cm
  • Dosimeter-to-PC communication via IR-transmitter in reader

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