AT1121 & AT1123 X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters - Atomtex


AT1121 & AT1123 X Ray and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters

AT1121 & AT1123 X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters - Atomtex

Portable multifunctional wide-range instruments for continuous, short-term and pulsed X and gamma radiation dosimetry.
  • Tissue-equivalent detector - scintillation plastic with heavy metal additive
  • Measurement of short-term (from 30 ms - AT1121) and impulse (from 10 ns AT1123) radiation
  • Exposure time assessment
  • Large dedicated digital/analogue LCD screen with backlighting
  • Integrated system for LED measurement path stabilization
  • Sound and visual alarm in case threshold level is exceeded
  • External control panel can be used for remote measurement
  • Fixed installation is possible with alarm dosimeter functionality and remote control from the distance of up to 25 m
  • Three types of power sources
  • Severe operating conditions

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