DryPRO - Konica Minolta



DryPRO - Konica Minolta

The DryPRO Sigma desktop Dry Laser outputs the films up to 45 sheets (14x17”) per hour after the image has been printed from ImagePilot. DryPRO Sigma has four types of films available, which can be transposed based on the user needs.
Sigma Package
The tabletop Dry Laser imager, DryPRO SIGMA adds true customer value to all institutions using film. Especially for budget-constrained institutions using the conventional product, it makes digital imaging easy and efficient when combined with Regius SIGMA and ImagePilot.
Compact Design
DryPRO SIGMA features a compact footprint as small as 650x600mm. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into various environments when combined with Regius SIGMA.
Four Film Sizes
DryPRO SIGMA is easy to operate, requiring no hands-on training upon installation and offering intuitive usability.
Radiologists can use four types of films for different purposes. Simply open the front cover, retrieve the film inside and load a new one.

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