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Following an extensive 25 year history in the medical equipment and accessories market InMed Healthcare investigated the Aesthetics industry and found that many technologies used in modern salons actually were based on the very technologies that we have specialised in for almost quarter of a century.

The biggest difference however was that the quality of the products varied immensely from manufacturer to manufacturer, in addition to this, many of the importers of the equipment did not follow the correct procedures in bringing the products to market nor verified their efficacy.

This lax approach to the market meant that many salons have been sold and currently use equipment that is not properly approved nor do they offer the outcomes that clients demand and rightfully expect. This leaves them wide open to litigation should an adverse reaction occur.

InMed Healthcare invested substantially in founding InMed Aesthetics. The whole philosophy behind InMed Aesthetics is to only bring scientifically validated, TGA approved aesthetics devices to the Australian market.

As such we only represent the best brands who hold the relevant certifications to allow the products to be listed with our TGA plus are the market leaders with superior technology.

When you deal with InMed Aesthetics you can be assured the products hold all the correct certifications and do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Our staff are all highly trained and provide the knowledge and experience that your business deserves. We do not just sell superior products, we offer the complete solution, value, peace of mind and scientifically validated equipment that you can rely on.

You have spent too much time and money on your business for it to be compromised by inferior products.

InMed Aesthetics currently supply the HIPRO-V Hifu system and are proud distributors of SircuitSkin cosmeceuticals.

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